Beef Hinalang

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Beef Hinalang


Beef Henalong is a spicy Filipino soup dish. There are several versions of this dish. This version shows the version of Mindanao. If you like spicy food, be sure to try this recipe.

In my opinion spicy beef soup is great. This is why I always have sauces full of crushed peppers and patties whenever I say something.

How to cook beef hanneling

This soup is easy to make at home. This can be even faster if you cut the beef into thin slices.

Start by scenting the scent. Each ingredient helps make the dish taste better. I grind the onion first, then the garlic. The ginger goes away. Make sure to stir frequently when doing this step.

After the onions are soft, add finely chopped beef. I have to emphasize the style of beef collision so you can remember. We all want to save time while cooking, don’t we?

Cook the beef until brown and then add the vinegar and soy sauce. I mentioned the amount of vinegar in the video below. People who are cooking this dish for the first time should first try to see how well the vinegar works for them. I recommend 2 tablespoons (according to this recipe), or less. You can always add more to the end if needed.

Beef soup should always be delicious. This is why I always use the Narrow Beef Cube on every beef soup I make. It gives the dish a solid beef flavor that complements well with other ingredients.

It’s time to pour water into the pot. Cook the beef for 35 minutes or until tender. Using dense pieces of beef can increase cooking time. For best results use low to medium heat.


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