Crispy Pork Binagoongan

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Crispy Pork Binagoongan


Crispy Pork Benignovan is a cross between two famous Filipino dishes: Byngovangun Babuye and Likun Kawali. This version is interesting because you can enjoy pork pork texture while indulging in delicious bayoneggan sauce. I enjoyed it with a cup of warm white rice.

How To Cook Crispy Pork Binaugan

There are two easy ways to cook this crunchy and crisp bingogon. First of all, you need to cook the lechon using air-fryer. Another way is making a beagong sauce.

Start making crispy pork by steaming pork for 35 minutes. I used a rice cooker to steam the pork. This may seem unconventional, but rice cookers usually come with a steamed rack. Just put all the pork in the rack, and then start steaming. Now, you can say that you have made the most out of your rice cooker.

Let the pork belly cool after steaming. Rub salt all over for flavor. Let it rest for 15 minutes before flying.

Set your air fryer to 350F and then proceed to bake the belly. Air-fry for 25 minutes. You can extend the time if needed. The result should be that of a low-oil leachate like coal.


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