Low-Carb Breaded Pinatisang Baboy

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Low-Carb Breaded Pinatisang Baboy


You asked for it. Introducing, Low Carb Breaded Painting Babe! This is our first feature dish for a low-carb food chain. I thought to start with something simple and fast. Enjoy!

How to cook a low-carb baked pantyasang babuye

Start by cutting the pork into thin slices. I want to bump it into bite-sized pieces for easier consumption. Next add the marinade ingredients. They are pepper, fish sauce, and lime. Mix well and allow the meat to absorb the flavors by marinating for at least 10 minutes.

Since this is bread, we will need eggs to help catch the bread. Beat 2 sliced ​​eggs and then add the flour to the bowl. I am using a low-carb flour called almond flour. Spread the two bowls together.

You can deep fry it or fry it in the pan. Start heating the oil.

Pour a piece of pork into the almond flour and then dip in the beaten egg. Place it back in the bowl with the flour and coat the sides on each side. Put the pork in the frying pan, and then fry until golden brown and crispy.

This is perfect when served with a spicy vinegar box.


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