Chicken Mami Recipe

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Chicken Mami Recipe


Chicken Miami is a Filipino version of chicken noodle soup. It is delicious and perfect during cold weather. It is usually sold in nofal houses or “Maimana” in other favorites such as Beef Miami, Paris and Siao.

This version is a simplified version. It is fit for beginners. If you love chicken mum and want to cook it at home, check out the details below. I am sure you will like it.

I have friends who want a spicy version. If you want it to be like that, just add a quarter teaspoon of cayenne powder, or 2 slices of crushed sling lobbies.

For me, chicken mامیmi is not complete without the onion and garlic syrup. As far as I’m concerned, these ingredients give life to this dish. Watch the video below to learn how to make garlic made with garlic.

How to cook chicken mummy

Making chicken mummy at home is much easier than you think. This recipe uses chicken breast and fresh noodles in the bone. I start by boiling the chicken breast with the onion I also add a piece of light chicken cubes. This is my secret ingredient. It immediately makes the broth delicious. No need to cook chicken all day.

Chicken Mummy is always nice when topped with toasted garlic. These are actually fried garlic that take a few minutes to prepare. The recipe and video below should be able to tell you how to make it.

When it comes to fresh noodles, it’s always best to cook them for a few minutes, too. You either soak the noodles in warm water or boil for a minute.

Serve the nostrils with sliced boiled chicken. Don’t forget the Napa cabbage and carrots. Top with piping hot broth and green onion and toasted garlic. Yummy!


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