Chicken Adobong Puti

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Chicken Adobong Puti


The simplest version of the chicken adobo is probably the chicken adoboong belt. This version is also known as white adobe because of the broth. The absence of soy sauce is responsible for the lighter color of the dish.

I think this dish deserves our attention. It may look simple, but it is delicious and delicious. I enjoyed eating with warm white rice. I cooked it with a little sauce left over so I could put it over the rice. Yummy!

How to cook chicken adoboong strip

The adobeong strip is easy to cook and straightforward. This version requires Marine. I started the chicken pieces with coconut vinegar, crushed pepper and crushed garlic through the chicken. It helps to spread the flavors of the chicken by absorbing the flavors of the marinade. I marinated for about 30 minutes. Long term, better.

Once that was done, I separated the chicken and garlic from the marinated vinegar and pepper. Then fry the chicken for 11/2 minutes on each side. These steps provide a texture to the exterior of the chicken, which prevents the skin from shrinking while prolonged boiling.

Put the garlic in the chopped chicken and a clean plate. Add the chicken back and then add the remaining marinade ingredients. Add water and allow to boil.

I add a slice of Noor Chicken Cube to make my adobo taste better. It makes a big difference for improvement. Dry bay leaves are added next. Baking for 20 minutes ensures that the chicken is fully cooked and tender. No need to extend cooking time because the sauce is already flavored.

Season with granulated white sugar and salt (if needed). Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the amount of preferred sauce. If you want your adobe with extra sauce, you can add more water.


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